venerdì 26 maggio 2017

Monday 22nd May 2017

On Monday 22nd May 2017, we were welcomed to school by Mrs Maria Kotsakosta (School Advisor), Mr Alexandros Filippidis (headteacher of Efkarpia School in Thessaloniki), Mr Michail Spasos (President of the Board of Parents), Mrs M.Lucia Bellipario (Coordinator Teacher of project), who each gave a speech explaining the impact of Erasmus+ project on the school.

Mr Alexandros Tsamourtzis unveiled a painting which he presented to school. This featured important people from the countries of each Erasmus+ school: the painting showed Odysseus Elytis from Greece, Leonardo Da Vinci from Italy, William Shakespeare from UK, Salvator  Dalì from Spain, Eugen Ionesco from Romania. The aim of the painting was to show that the wisdom of these people is inter connected and transcends both time and country borders.

The children of Efkarpia school put on a lovely show and sang songs to everyone. We watched a video reminding us of the plight of refugees travelling to Greece. We then looked around the school and the children gave the visitors handmade gifts.

Volonteers from Arsis showed us around the home of unaccompanied refugee boys aged 14-18. They explained Arsis is an NGO and is funded by UNHCR. We planted an olive tree for them to remember us by, and as a symbol of peace. They gave us a painting of a tree  that we created  together to show our unity.

In the evening we visited the major of the Municipality of Pavlos Melas, Dimitris Demourtzidis. He talked to the children and said that he hoped that when they went home they would remember something about Greek history and culture.

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